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New Moon vs. Full Moon Rituals

Peace & Positivity, family!

As part of my spiritual wellness practice, I’ve fallen madly in love with the practice of moon rituals. It sounds a lot more "witchy" than intended I promise but having been born under a Full Moon myself and communing under a New Moon mere days before I found out I was pregnant with Josiah, I’ve learned over the years that I’ve been inherently drawn to moon cycles, lunar energy and all things related to The Cosmos. In fact, many of the beautiful things I’ve manifested both alone and with CB were after several moon rituals, so I can personally attest to how powerful they can be when done not necessarily "correctly", but with intention.

In my monthly Intention Circle (hayyyy Intention Circle sisters!!!), we often discuss ways in which we can harness lunar energy in order to manifest some of our most powerful intentions, but more importantly, we discuss ways in which lunar energy can be very healing, cleansing and balancing. From the feedback I’ve received thus far, a lot of the tips we've discussed in the Intention Circle have been really helpful so I felt called to write a blog post in conjunction with my most popular post to date, Setting Intentions 101: Harnessing the Power of the Moon, to share some helpful new/full moon rituals that have been integral to my spiritual practice and the manifestation of many of the intentions I’ve set over the years.

When we discuss moon rituals, we have to first be able to distinguish New Moons from Full Moons to better understand the types of ritual practices that should be done for each.

Ready to get into it? Here we go!

New Moons begin a new lunar cycle. They are ideal for setting new intentions, they represent fresh starts, renewal and are perfect times to refresh the energy in your physical and metaphysical spaces. New Moons are often associated with optimism, joy, abundance and positivity. It is the perfect time for you to assess where you are in life and where you intend to be and set meaningful and thoroughly-visualized intentions, accordingly.

Questions to consider during New Moon rituals:

  1. What do I want most out of this life?

  2. What is it that I truly want to manifest?

  3. What incredible things am I most deserving of attracting/receiving?

  4. In what ways can I be (more) intentional about curating my ultimate transformation?

Unlike New Moons, Full Moons represent the end of the lunar cycle and usher in energy that can be felt days leading up and days afterwards. People have often linked a woman’s menstrual cycle to the lunar cycle with the full moon typically landing on the day that she actually begins bleeding. This would make sense given that Full Moons often feel like moments of release, relinquishment and surrender, the shedding of old energies, relationships and low-vibrational cycles that may leave you feeling stuck or stagnant. It is during Full Moons that you are encouraged to finally confront, address and heal the wounds that have gone unattended for so long.

Questions to consider during Full Moon rituals:

  1. What areas of my life require more meaningful attention?

  2. What aspects of my healing journey have I been avoiding and why?

  3. How can I finally confront the things that are inhibiting my ascension & growth?

  4. What physical and/or spiritual entities do I need to release from my space in order to attract calming, balanced and positive energy, people, relationships and opportunities?

  5. What relationships no longer serve my greater good and how can I release myself from them?

Now that we’ve differentiated these two moon cycles, let’s delve into a few ritual practices to harness the energy from each moon.

Note: For both moons, you should cleanse your space of ALL low-vibrational and stagnant energy in both your physical & metaphysical spaces. You want to start with a dried herb of choice (I always recommend white sage) and then invite good, positive and high vibrational energy using Palo Santo.

Pro tip: For optimal cleansing & if possible, open doors and windows for the energy to leave your space.

New Moon Rituals:

  • Cleanse your crystals using a light dish soap, salt water or simply by rinsing them in warm water.

  • Charge your crystals under the New Moon by setting them either directly under the moon (outdoors) or in a window sill.

  • Reflect on everything that you are grateful for by considering & documenting the things that have already manifested.

  • Visualize your manifestations as specifically as possible and document them in your journal.

  • Reignite your Palo Santo from your cleansing ritual and read your intentions aloud, repeating "ashe" after each in order to bind the intentions and solidify them before releasing them into the Universe.

  • Ex: "I will manifest the most beautiful life abroad with my husband and children. Ashe."

  • Add Florida Water to a spray bottle and spray a few times around your space to attract positivity, to dispel negativity and to bind your intentions.

  • Hydrate & rest.


Recommended Cosmic Scents to use during Full Moons:

- Love Potion 33 (Clairvoyance & Intuition), The Manifestation Collection, & Solar Return (Morning Refresher), Ohm (Energy Stabilizer), & Energy Vibes (Energy Cleansing Room Spray).


Full Moon Rituals:

  • I don’t typically charge my crystals under Full Moons (although many do) because the energy is often somewhat chaotic and that’s not energy with which I want to fill my crystals.

  • Be intentional about documenting what needs to be confronted, addressed & healed from your past (relationships, trauma, unhealed pain, disappointment, resentment, etc.).

  • Document the things that you will release and burn the piece of paper.

  • Take a warm spiritual bath using dried herbs & bath salts to release all negative/toxic energy from your vessel.

  • Drink a LOT of water.

  • Rest


Recommended Cosmic Scents to use during Full Moons:

  • The Lavender Collection, Lunar Eclipse (Deep Sleep), Love Potion #33 (Self Love), Heal (Grounding) & Energy Vibes (Energy Cleansing Room Spray)


I really hope this post helps those of you who are open to conducting moon rituals in order to harness the cosmic and lunar energy of both New & Full Moons.

I’m sending you deep love vibrations of healing, manifestation and transformation!


Any/all feedback is welcome here, so please share any feedback/recommendations that you may have regarding moon rituals and other spiritual practices that have helped you along your spiritual journey!


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