Chantal Diaz Collection

Chanty, Founder & Owner of Chanty Diaz Collection, a luxury scented candle manufacturer, reached out about featuring one of my posts on Understanding Alignment to her site!


As a fellow prioritizer of self-care, spiritual & mental wellness, I obliged her request with no hesitation because 1. I support Black-women-owned businesses and endeavors and 2. because if my words can touch the hearts and souls of other men and women out there who are healing and seeking alignment, then I'll know that my posts are indeed helping other people.

Check out our feature by clicking on the image!

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Podcast Guest //
The Spiritual Chill Pill

When the beauties at The Spiritual ChillPill reached out to be featured on their podcast, I absolutely couldn't miss out on this incredible opportunity to talk about my experiences through/to love, my spiritual & subsequent healing journey and tips for shifting the energy to maintain balance, peace & inner calm.

Together, Kimberly, Maria & I touched on a few of my previous posts as I journey back to the very beginning of my spiritual journey and was prompted the desire to make a significant change in my life in order to now experience pure bliss, abundance and joy!

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Talk Show Guests //
Steve on Watch

Last year, when my husband's and my love story went viral, we were approached by a variety of bloggers, writers, movie directors and several media outlets to spill the tea on the night we met.

We were contacted by the producers of Steve on Watch, Steve Harvey's newest talk show, to share more about that incredible night and how our lives have transformed since then!

It was such a fun interview (it has generated over 2 million views!!) and we truly had a blast revisiting that incredible fall night in 2016 when I got in his Uber and drove off with who would later become my husband and best friend!


Check out the episode by clicking the link below!