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Join the Intention Circle!



Beginning March 2020 and together in an intimate and completely safe (virtual) space, I have been hosting a monthly Intention Circle to discuss all of the powerful ways to harness energy (from Self, The Cosmos, The Divine & more) to tap into your own divine energy to release, reset, heal, transform & manifest the life of our wildest dreams.

Everything from crystal healing, birth charts, angel numbers & life path numbers, dried herbs for cleansing energy, the Lunar Calendar, tips for embarking on your spiritual journey & more are discussed and absolutely NO topic of off limits!

At sign-up, you have the opportunity to ask any/all questions you may have about spirituality, my personal spiritual journey, anything related to lunar energy, crystal healing, dried herbs, cleansing rituals, etc. so that I can address your specific curiosities during the circle!

Please subscribe to the blog for updates on the next Intention Circle. 


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