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Beginning March 2020 and together in an intimate and completely safe (virtual) space, I have been hosting a monthly Intention Circle to discuss all of the powerful ways to harness energy (from Self, The Cosmos, The Divine & more) to tap into your own divine energy to release, reset, heal, transform & manifest the life of our wildest dreams.

Everything from crystal healing, birth charts, angel numbers & life path numbers, dried herbs for cleansing energy, the Lunar Calendar, tips for embarking on your spiritual journey & more are discussed and absolutely NO topic is off limits!

At sign-up, you have the opportunity to ask any/all questions you may have about spirituality, my personal spiritual journey, anything related to lunar energy, crystal healing, dried herbs, cleansing rituals, etc. so that I can address your specific curiosities during the circle!

April '24 Intention Circle:

"Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess" Workshop

In light of our recent astrological New Year on March 19th and currently being in the middle of Eclipse Season (Lunar Eclipse on March 25th and a Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th), it's time for our us to convene in the name of rediscovery, divine femininity and the reclaiming of our inner goddesses.
This month I will be hosting one of my most popular workshops entitled, "Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess" that offers powerful ways to tap back into your Highest Self in order to situate yourself for abundance overflow.
From understanding how the weight of past trauma can inhibit our ascension to then discovering effective ways to finally let go, we will discuss tips to energy cleanse & purify, how to use sound meditation to gain clarity and inner peace, how to harness energy from nature and moon cycles, and how to truly set intentions to manifest the life of your wildest dreams.
You don't want to miss this one!

"Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess"
Saturday, April 20th, 2024 at 11:30am (EST)
via Zoom | 1.5 hours 
Price: $40.00

*limited space available*

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