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Setting Intentions 101

I always see people talking about "setting intentions" but what does that actually mean?

I’m certainly someone who believes heavily in the power of setting intentions and often on my IG platform (@energy_vibration), I encourage my followers to set very clear intentions particularly around the time of a New or Full Moon. In the spirit of the most recent Pink Supermoon (falling on April 7th & 8th), I felt compelled to answer this question about what it means to set an intention and what it actually looks like with respect to New & Full Moons.

Like the word itself, setting an intention first and foremost requires being INTENTIONAL. An intention requires thought, strategy and a 100% commitment to the belief that the intention will in fact come to fruition (i.e. MANIFEST).

How to set an intention:

"Seeing is believing "

Step #1: Visualize: See your intention as a manifestation before “setting” it. What does that look like, you ask? If for example your intention is to get a new job, be specific about what exactly the job is. What’s your job title? How much are you making at this job? Are you working in an office or from home? If in an office, what does the office look like? What does the actual work you’ll be doing LOOK LIKE? Being able to describe your visualization begins to make it more tangible, more achievable and ultimately, more real.

Personal Experience: Before I started my business, World English Tutor, LLC, I quite literally visualized myself walking around the streets of Washington, D.C. with a book bag working with an international clientele conducting private language tutoring. I even pictured myself sitting in cute little coffee shops in the city across from these individuals teaching them linguistic accuracy and competence & within a year, it manifested! I’ve since been in business for myself for 6 years now and every few months or so when I feel a shift coming, I visualize the changes to come and set intentions accordingly.

"Write it down so you know it's real"..but like...literally.

Step #2: Document: There are a few things to remember when writing down your intention(s). First, when writing your intentions down, instead of using words like “I hope to” or “I would like to”, as a linguist who's very intentional about the words I use, I encourage you to begin each intention with “I will” or “I intend to”.

Be specific about exactly what your intention consists of.

Secondly, instead of writing down “get a pay raise”, write down the specific amount of money you intend to be paid! By documenting your intention, you are giving yourself a tangible reminder of what you will manifest which ultimately holds you accountable to seeing it come to fruition.

Personal experience: Instead of writing down “a new home”, my husband and I wrote down the exact specifications that we intend to have included in our future home that we will buy this summer/fall. This includes the purchase price, the county/city we intend to live in, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the square footage, etc.

Say it LOUD!

Step #3: Speak it into existence: Once you’ve seen it & written it down, now it’s time to speak it into existence. I always encourage setting intentions either before, after, while smudging your space. You can either use a bunch of dried sage or Palo Santo to cleanse/purify your space so that you’re setting your intentions in an energetically cleansed space & and with a clear conscious. Check out all the different types of cleansing plants below!


Setting Intentions during New Moons vs. Full Moons

So there’s a slight distinction between a New Moon and a Full Moon, although both times during the lunar cycle are great for setting intentions and spiritual cleansing.

Full Moons occur during the lunar cycle when the moon reaches its fullest point and this is an ideal time for spiritual, mental and physical cleansing. This is a great time to set intentions that release old energies and anything that is physically or spiritually holding you back. Set intentions for the present that’ll allow you to make manifest the intentions for the future.

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle. They represent new beginnings so this is always a perfect time to set intentions for the future as you too are beginning a new cycle and/or ending an old one.

Not sure when a New/Full Moon is coming??

Be sure to check out these IG pages that always keep you up-to-date on lunar happenings:





I hope this post helps you better understand what it means to set an intention.

Given our current circumstances, it can definitely be challenging to visualize what we intend to manifest for the future because our futures are riddled with so much uncertainty. Perhaps you could use this time to focus on what aspects of your life require some purification & cleansing. As many of us are “safe” (not “stuck”...again words have power) at home, perhaps now is the time to set intentions for things you wish to release from your spirit in order to bring you a greater sense of clarity and peace.

always with love,

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