• Bree

#LocdLifeLessons // 5 of 10

#5: Relinquish control of the outcomes

In your journey through both #locs and life, you can set the intention and work strategically to manifest it; however, the outcome is ultimately not up to you. What I firmly believe is that whatever is divinely intended for you, shall be.

How your locs grow, bud, and mature isn’t to up to but the texture that you were born with. You may have #locgoals whether it's the length or the size but ultimately, your hair is going to loc how it's going to loc.

Likewise in real life, there are tons of goals that we intend to accomplish and sometimes things don't always go as we intend for them to because it may not be divinely intended for you.

Either way, with your locs and in real life, the outcome is always better than whatever you have intended. The mere decision to embark on the journey is all the Uni needs in order to conspire for your benefit.

So relinquish control of the outcome and enjoy the ride because the best has yet to manifest!

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