As an avid essential oil user, I have explored the therapeutic and medicinal uses of a variety of essential oil blends for concentration & focus,  a deeper & more peaceful sleep, and for stress & anxiety relief.

I use crystals daily for energy cleansing, purification & protection, setting intentions and for mental & spiritual wellness.

By combining two natural elements that have significantly contributed to my physical, mental and spiritual health, I'm beyond excited to share these crystal-infused, essential oil sprays with you!


Sprays are bottled in glass bottles to preserve the essence of each scent.

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We were honored to have a few our signature scents included in the 10k giveaway by this incredible, Black-owned hair & skincare company, Netergold (@netergold)!

Check out his awesome products to hydrate & moisturize your melanated skin!

netergold logo.png

We were so excited to have our scents featured on the popular YouTube channel, Pretty Hippie!


Check out our feature in her "What's on My Alter" vlog. She details all of the powerful tools to energy cleanse, set intentions & more, so definitely check her out if you need tips along your spiritual journey!


Our best-selling Carnelian-infused room spray, "I Am, I Can" has been included in one of the curated gift boxes at Making Maryland Home, a woman-owned luxury gift box subscription company based in MD!


Our fellow loc sister & spiritual influencer, Ragin, popularly known as WestIndieRay (@WestIndieRay) featured our Cosmic Scents in her 100k giveaway, offering a bundle of spiritual wellness goodies for her virtual tribe to enjoy!

Check her out on IG or Youtube!