• Bree

#LocdLifeLessons // 3 of 10

#3: Remember why you committed

When you embark on your loc journey, remember that the very beginning phase is the absolute hardest. During my first set, they started out really short (I remember the ones closest to the front of my head barely came down to my eyebrows, haha!) and given my texture, there was more frizz than anything else so my scalp was virtually invisible between retwists.

Before locking, we’re all used to a more tamed, primped and manicured look but we’ve committed to this #locjourney so that means we’ve ultimately had to learn to embrace the challenges along the way. The beginning phase, which for many can last up to 8 to 12 months, will test your ability to remain committed to a goal that you’ve envisioned at the very beginning.

Same is true in real life. You’ve established a goal. You’ve visualized the details. You’ve written out a plan and have embarked on the journey of achieving those goals. The Uni purposefully puts challenges in our way to test your commitment to both yourself and the goal at hand. These challenges are merely tests rather than road blocks to grow your strength, maturity and resilience and ultimately, when you look back at how far you've come and the obstacles you've achieved, you'll be grateful for the tests that you'd overcome.

Embrace the challenges that come with the journey and always remember why you’ve committed yourself in the first place.

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