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Embarking on the Radical Journey of Shadow Work // Part I

The other day, I posted a throwback of my husband and I at one of our wedding celebrations in 2019. In the caption, I mentioned the fact that a woman in my (virtual) tribe had asked me what prayer I recited when I “prayed for my husband”, to which I clarified that in my journey to discovering myself & subsequently meeting my husband, at no point did I ever actually pray for him.

I explained, that I’d prayed and set intentions for my own healing, forgiveness & growth. In my caption, I mentioned that I’d done “the work” that enabled me to move beyond the traumas of my past in order to move forward with my life with pride, optimism & positivity.

The “work” I was referring to is the deeply healing, yet challenging process of shadow work, defined as:

“an introspective psychological practice that anyone can do and can lead to a more fulfilling life. When working with the shadow, you may have moments of awakening that lead to greater authenticity, creativity, and emotional freedom” (

The same way that your physical body casts a shadow in sunlight, your spiritual body does too. In moments of pure bliss, utter joy and happiness (metaphorical "sunlight"), aspects of your shadow self begin to move from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Anxiety strikes, fear rises, you may even recall past experiences that left your traumatized, hurt or scared and until those aspects of your shadow side are unpacked, you'll miss out on opportunities to fully basque in the joy that is your present experience. Additionally, aspects of your shadow self will continue to surface as toxic and neglectful behaviors that may be perpetual manifestations of things in your life that have yet to be acknowledged & healed.

Shadow work requires that you take finally accountability for the ways in which your past experiences have influenced and/or dictated your present moments & potentially your future. It’s uncomfortable work but it opens doors that release unresolved negative energy & patterns, it liberates your mind & spirit and grants you access to your higher Self, higher vibrational frequencies, positive energy and abundant manifestations.


So now that we know what it is, the question becomes:

HOW do we embark on the journey of shadow work?

If you're ready to get into it, comment YES for the release of Part 2!

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