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Peace, fam! Welcome to #BecomingBree

It is said that our 20's are about discovering ourselves, figuring out our careers, making mistakes, and simply learning where in life we fit best. Although I don't typically subscribe to generalizations about age, my 20's were EXACTLY that. It was a decade filled with tons of lessons that have brought me to this very day and I am so grateful and appreciative for every choice I have and have not made thus far!


Because to me, life is about living...it's about falling, getting back up, trying & failing, trying & succeeding and building relationships along the way.

"You can.
Even if you don't believe it. Even though it doesn't feel like it right now. Even in the toughest times.
You can." - Charlotte Freeman

What To Expect from #BecomingBree

My blog is dedicated to sharing different journeys I've endured and survived that have brought me to a state of pure, undeniable and irrevocable #JOY. What makes each of us unique is our specific life experiences and I'm using this platform to share a few of mine that I hope you will find both inspiring and encouraging.

What's to come are posts about:

- The challenges and benefits of starting my business #WorldEnglishTutor

- My journey through heartbreak and self-love

- Best ways to #Manifest (new/full moon rituals, visualization, journaling, etc)

- My loc journey and why I ultimately combed them out

- What made me reinstall my second set in January 2020

- My path to marriage and (not so long after LOL) motherhood

- My relationship with spirituality, the lunar calendar and numerology

- My #Spelman experience & the relevance of HBCU's now

- ...& lots and lots more!

Subscribe & follow along as we uncover what experiences led to becoming the woman, the wife, the mother I am today. Let's unpack the journey of #BecomingBree.


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