• Bree

#LocdLifeLessons // 9 of 10

#9: DO YOU


5 years ago when I first wanted to loc my hair, tons of folks told me not to because “if you have pretty hair, you shouldn’t waste it on locs”.

As most of you all know, I’d kept my first set of locs for nearly 5 years (combed them out in September of this 2019) and I found it so ironic that the same people who had originally told me NOT to lock it, were now telling me NOT to comb them out...*le sigh*...

Fast forward a few months of wearing my natural curls (3.5 months to be exact) and I realized that loose hair just wasn't for me. Sure it’s fun and I enjoyed running my hands through my hair again but I missed having locs (not necessarily my former set) more than I desired to explore this curl life so it didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to relock my hair again. When I told people that, I got the following:

“So what was the point in taking them out in the first place?!”

“You wasted all that time taking them out just to start over??” etc etc etc….

The point I’m making is that in this thing called life, you gotta do what is right for you and your spirit despite the opinions of others. Folks, often unbeknownst to them, will always impose their own desires onto your intensions because we’re all human and that happens.

Your spontaneity, impulsiveness and whimsy will not be understood to everyone and guess what…that’s OK! Remain authentic, pure and genuine because your wild spirit is beautiful!

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