• Bree

#LocdLifeLessons // 4 of 10

#4: Less is more

As you journey through each phase of your #locs, understand that LESS IS MORE. Beautiful, healthy locs, whether they’re long or short, frizzy or tamed, require very little manipulation on your part.

My only products for my first set were a light shampoo & conditioner (major s/o to @drlocs), jojoba oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil. I retwisted them every 6 to 8 weeks (interlocking made this possible even from the beginning), I rarely styled my locs beyond a loc bun and washed them about once a week.

With my second set (installed in January 2020), I haven't done much styling aside from aa simple rope twist/twist out for my baby shower, but I'm still using only a few natural products (mostly through Dr. Locs) and leaving my locs alone for the most part.

Granted everyone’s hair is different and thus will have different needs but remember, your hair is literally in its most natural state when it's loc'd and thus requires very little from you.

Keep them clean and hydrated and let the elements do the rest!

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