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Cosmic Scents & Self Care

2020 has proven to be quite an *interesting* year. Our States are reopening after a nearly 3-month lockdown, our entire country is protesting the unjust & brutal death of George Floyd, and we are each trying to navigate a "new normal" despite major impacts to our day-to-day routine. Although we may each be doing something differently to ensure that progress is made in this country as it relates to racial inequality, one thing that remains true regardless of your own personal form of activism is the necessity for self care.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I often share information via my Instagram account (@energy_vibration) about crystals and how they can be used to set intentions, enhance mental clarity and of course they can be used for the purposes of manifestation. If you haven't had a chance yet, please be sure to read my blog post about my 5 recommended must-have crystals.

At nearly 12 weeks postpartum, my crystals have played a significant role in my ability to maintain mental balance so that I can be good to myself, my husband & Baby Josiah. Coupled with my essential oils, these two natural elements have healed me in ways traditional medicine simply couldn’t. Balancing being a new mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and all the other hats we wear as young, ambitious millennials has had its fair share of challenges but with my oils & crystals, I’ve been able to stay mentally, physically and spiritually grounded.

During these unprecedented times, I’ve been compelled to create and share a product that I am confident works and that will definitely benefit those of us who could use a holistic remedy to cure so many issues from sleep deprivation, anxiety, low vibrations, a lack of motivation and more. I've spent the past few weeks testing out different scent profiles to create three combinations that not only smell amazing but can be used to invoke sleep, relieve anxiety/depression and elevate your mood. Each scent includes a lunar-charged crystal combination including amethyst, red jasper, turquoise, lapis lazuli and others that add the perfect cosmic boost for setting intentions, clearing the mind, & protecting you from negative energy.

I am so excited to share my scents with you because there's no better time than right now to practice, deep, intentional and genuine SELF LOVE while also supporting a Black-owned business! Tester scents are going out this week & pre-orders coming very soon!


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