Join me and the other Intention Circle participants in this safe & intimate virtual space where we meet monthly to discuss  how to deepen your spiritual practice in order to heal, transform and tap into your ancestral and divine power.
Welcome to 
Becoming Bree!
Mama | Wife | Entrepreneur | Scorpio
Writer | Spelman Woman | Cosmic Goddess
Loc'd Queen | Student of the Universe

I invite you to learn more about me as you explore so many of the experiences that shaped, molded & transformed my life.


Handmade, crystal-infused essential oil sprays

It is my belief that the people we meet and the experiences we have throughout our unique journeys are all divinely intended to help manifest the life of our wildest dreams. Here on Becoming Bree, I intend to share some of the experiences that shaped & molded me, hoping that you find encouragement & inspiration in this crazy, beautiful thing called LIFE.